Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal

     If you are a fan of the blockbuster series Call of Duty, you will be thrilled to know that today marks the day of the full multiplayer reveal of the franchise's new addition, Black Ops. Today's date, September 1st, has been thrown all around on the Call of Duty website.

     Activision will be holding a press conference at Gamescom. From what I have read, this is  where they will be doing a complete reveal of the new multiplayer features of the game. Fortunately, for the most of us who aren't going to Gamescom, the conference will be streamed live via Ustream at Activision's Call of Duty channel.
Click here to go to the stream page.
Or, click here to watch the stream live through Facebook.

    The stream goes live at 6pm PDT. If you live in the EST time zone like me, it will start at 9pm. If you aren't in the EST time zone, you will have to do the time conversions yourself. Sorry, I'm too lazy to convert it for every time zone. Just google it.

     If you haven't already seen the Black Ops multiplayer teaser video, you can watch it here. To be honest, I was starting to lose my energy for the game, but when I saw this teaser, I was blown away.

Check back at this blog in the next few days. I will be doing a recap on the press conference, reviewing what Activision has to say. I'm hoping for a beta, or a demo at least. I'm really looking forward to that RC car killstreak.


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